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Criminal Defense, DWI & Motor Vehicle Offenses

No one ever expects to be charged with Driving While Intoxicated or Under the Influence, but when it happens, the fallout can be devastating to your family, your job, and your life! The same is true for any Criminal offense, including both Felonies and Misdemeanors, and other serious Motor Vehicle Violations.


We have been handling these matters for over 35 years, and can assist you in understanding the legal process, from your first appearance at your Arraignment in Court, to the conclusion of your case after a full Trial, or the entry of a negotiated plea. We handle matters in all District and Superior Courts, the Department of Safety and Division of Motor Vehicles, and we are familiar with both the prosecutors, and Judges, who may be involved with your case.


We can advise you on what the State must prove to obtain a conviction against you, and what defenses and strategies may be available to avoid any conviction at all. When necessary, we are also well-seasoned in negotiating with prosecutors, and reaching acceptable resolutions to minimize the ramifications of a Criminal, DWI, or other serious Motor Vehicle charge.


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