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Divorce, Custody, Support & Domestic Violence

One of the most personal and emotional events in anyone's life is a divorce. Relationships continue to evolve and some times, couples grow apart. On occasion, one or more significant event(s) can happen in a marriage which may cause one or both parties to decide that divorce is the only alternative. If there are children, the impact of divorce can be even greater.  

We have extensive experience handling all levels of divorce or legal separation, contested or uncontested, as well as the accompanying issues of custody, support, debt allocation and property division. We strive to help you understand the legal process, your rights and entitlements, and the likely outcome if the case is not resolved prior to trial through agreement and/or mediation. 

We also handle issues of domestic violence which, unfortunately, occasionally appear in advance of or contemporaneously with the deterioration of a relationship or breakup of a marriage.

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